What We Do

The Bet Din -The Rabbinic Court- is the juridical organ that within Judaism regulates different types of controversies and sectors of Jewish life.

The Rabbinical Court of Central Northern Italy, wanted and founded by Rav Giuseppe Laras z.z. “l. in 2008 and chaired by him until 2018, works for the people and for the needs of small communities in central and northern Italy, as well as in the south of Italy.

The Rabbinic Court has always played a fundamental role for the Italian and international Jewish communities, addressing various issues, often very delicate and fundamental to Jewish life, mainly in its everyday life.

Operating daily on several fronts, this Body regulates different types of disputes and sectors, dealing with economic divergences between co-religionists, Shalom Bait (i.e. the reconstruction of peaceful relations between spouses and members of a family), Ghittin (divorces) and conversions (ghiurim).