The Rabbinical Court of Central Northern Italy organizes Jewish divorces through the Ghet process by ensuring that the procedure is carried out in a sensitive and considerate manner, respecting the dignity of all participants in the process, while adhering to the highest standards of Jewish law so that universal acceptance of the Ghet is guaranteed. Bet Din also has an active role in resolving cases involving spouses who refuse or are reluctant to deliver or receive the Ghet. The Rabbinical Court of Central Northern Italy is careful to treat each person with sensitivity and understanding and tries to make the Ghet process as smooth and comfortable as possible for the parties. If necessary, the Ghet process can be organized in a way that does not require husband and wife to appear together. The Bet Din will convene a Din Torah (Jewish arbitration proceeding) in accordance with the requirements of the Jewish Law, composed of Dayanim experts (judges) with experience in judging divorce cases. In addition to making use of Dayanim with many years of experience, the Central North Rabbinic Tribunal is strong in collaboration with other Batè Din and other Dayanim universally recognized for their knowledge in this delicate matter.